Men's Soccer Pre-Season Wrap Up

Men's Soccer Pre-Season Wrap Up

The men gave the fans a sneak peak and what's to come this season with a two game pre-season tournament. 

Friday evening the men took on McGill University where they tied 0-0, with Aaron McMurray and recent addition to the men's roster, Adam Grant, sharing the clean sheet. 

"All things considered I'm pretty happy with it," said head coach Miles Pinsent. 

" I think coaches look for different things in pre-season games than perhaps the fans or media do, but we're just trying things out and seeing where we're at."

The next day the men took on Acadia University where they took a 3-1 victory over the Axemen.

The first goal was scored rookie Diego Padilla 28 minutes in, followed by returning Fullback George Lawton.

In minute 56 Yousuf Mohammad scores a goal off a breakaway, but 16 minutes later Acadia's Luke Cullighan scored, breaking UNBs clean sheet.

The men were able to keep the two goal lead however, and the men finished off their second and final pre-season game with a 3-1 victory.

Lawton says hosting the pre-season tournament gave them an advantage so they didn't have to tire themselves out travelling. 

"Last year we went away to Sherbrooke so it was a lot more travelling, a bit different, so hosting I think, was a better decision that way.

"But I think the team all together - last year we were together - but this year we seem more tight knit in a way and all the new recruits that came in, we're all really close.