Men's team takes first place in AUS league play

Men's team takes first place in AUS league play
The UNB men's soccer team took first place in AUS after defeating the Saint Mary’s Huskies 1-0.
After not making AUS playoffs a year before, the men now lead the league.
“It’s unexplainable, really,” said Benjamin Law who leads the team in goals.
“Last year was such a disappointment and this year is such a success that it’s just two ends and it feels great right now.”
First place in clean-sheets, goalkeeper Aaron McMurray protected his net and didn’t allow any goals.
McMurray is hoping to keep the shut-out streak going into the AUS semi-finals.
“The defence are always solid and always take care of what needs to be taken care of,” he said.
“I think we’re just looking forward to having that bye into the semi-finals for the AUS, and hopefully we will keep the shut-outs rolling into the CIS.”
Going into the final regular season of the game, the Men were looking to win, but also wanted to take the first place seat.
“I told the boys they are 90 minutes away from it, and you don’t get very many opportunities to say that in our life so let’s make sure we’re proud of our efforts after 90 minutes,” said Pinsent.
The men will travel to Prince Edward Island to play in the AUS semi-finals. With a first place title they sit comfortable and look forward to their upcoming games.